Nigerian Pidgin English

View of Civic Towers in Lagos Nigeria, Photo by Nupo Deyon Daniel
Photo courtesy of Nupo Deyon Daniel, unsplash

Nigerian Pidgin English (NPE) is the lingua franca of Nigeria and quite different from Standard English. It has a lot of wordplay and humour, which makes it fun to use.

Through my experience as a volunteer I have come to think that resources in NPE and German would really help understanding each other, sometimes more than ones in Standard English.
Also, using NPE would be a great way of showing respect and genuine interest for Nigerians who have come to Germany.

Together with a „native speaker“ (whose actual mother tongues are Edo and Yoruba), I am working on a storybook (Pidgin/ Simple German) with seven tales by the Brothers Grimm.

Below, some images from the work process:

Storybook (Pidgin/ Simple German):

I have taken seven very well known german fairy tales and translated them into Simple German, then Plain English. Now the texts are being translated from Plain English into Nigerian Pidgin English.